Clinical AromaCare

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Klinická aromaterapie pro odborníky

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Clinical AromaCare
Značka: KiCoZo
Cover book Madeleine Kerkhof 2023

Kniha nizozemské aromaterapeutky Madeleine Kerkhof. Určeno všem zdravotníkům, kteří chtějí aromaterapii připojit ke své práci. V originálním anglickém jazyce. 

Clinical AromaCare, Aromatherapy in Health Care & Practice


This book is written for the health care professional, who wishes to incorporate clinical aromacare into their setting as an integrative part of nursing, and the medical and therapeutic practice. It offers you inspiration and information, backed up by scientific and empirical data, illustrated by compelling cases and contributions of fellow health care professionals from around the world, as well as suggested strategies for implementation and research.

Madeleine Kerkhof shares her decades of experience as a nurse, clinical aromatherapist and educator from her passion to offer you tools from Mother Nature to enhance quality of life for patients. To support you in that you will find:

Comprehensive information on selected essential oils, base oils and CO₂’s, their chemistry and safety requirements;
Guidance along routes of administration and a Clinical Reasoning tool for optimal patient centred care; A full chapter on scent perception and the influence of scent on all dimensions of wellbeing; Well-founded background information on major topics, such as (procedure) anxiety, restlessness, sleep, pain, trauma, IV complications, oral care, nausea, respiratory issues, skin & wound care, etc., both in the general population and special patient groups, from cancer to dementia care.

“This is also a very personal book, from my heart to yours, in gratitude  to  what you  do and  who you are for patients and their loved ones. I hope that it will offer you tools, new ideas and inspiration to integrate Aromacare into your care.” Madeleine.

Forewords were written by:
Rhiannon Lewis, Director of Essential Oil Resource Consultants, experienced aromatherapist, author, editor, initiator of ICAN: “Madeleine successfully conveys her deep understanding of the different aromatic tools she uses and generously offers her rational and heart-based approach to  alleviating suffering for sick patients”;

Dr. Inès von Rosenstiel, Paediatrician and Integrative Medicine Expert: “Madeleine is able to bridge the gap between knowledge and expertise in Aromacare to evidence based practice in the workplace”;

Marni Reven, PhD, CNE, RA: “I have no doubt that this text will support care and compassion the world over”.