Rest on me, Breathe

Značka: Essentia Nobilis

Kniha mezinárodně uznávaného aromaterapeuta Jonathana Benavida. Tematicky zaměřená na emoční paliativní péči, věnována pacientům a jejich rodinám. Anglicky. 

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Rest on me, Breathe
Značka: Essentia Nobilis
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During the last phase of his life, Frans asked me to write a book for him and for everybody suffering from a life-threatening disease. A book for the patient himself, a book to help him cope with the devastating effect of cancer.
A book to grab when in pain, when waiting for the next morphine dose to soothe the agony, when you don’t know what to do. A book for all sleepless nights in pain and distress.
A book to rediscover his inner child, to meet his loved ones and to help him aromatically on his last journey, to transition. Frans loved Turkish rose otto essential oil. 

Jonathan Benavides (The Netherlands)

Jonathan is Clinical Aromatherapist, Psychologist, The HEARTS Process Teacher (UK), Aromatic Sentinel Creator (NL), Educator, Counsellor, Researcher, Lecturer, Anointer, International Speaker, Coach, Ambassador to the Netherlands for the Airmid Institute, Director Essentia Nobilis (NL / PT)

Emotional Palliative Care
by Jonathan Benavides
Edições Para a Alma, Lisboa - Portugal
ISBN: 978-989-33-4619-8
372 pages - 16 × 23 cm
First edition, May 2023
Printed in Portugal
English version