Online Aromaconference Brno 2021: Post-covid care

18/9/2021, Brno, Czech republic

* live on-line stream from Aromaconference Brno - 18/9/2021 from 09.00 - 18.30 Central European Time
* registration fee 120 EUR(registration includes conference ticket, conference manual, simultaneous translation)
* 5 lectures by Eliane Zimmerman (Germany/Ireland), Pascal Frennet (Belgium), Martina Houdková (Czech Republic), Renáta Jahodová (Czech Republic), Ludmila Kotalíková (Czech Republic) - for details look below
* all lectures will be translated simultaneously from/into English!
* if we have to cancel the Aromaconference Brno due to current covid measures, you will receive your money back!

By filling in the questionnaire you show your serious interest in the online broadcast of the Aromakonference Brno. As soon as there is a sufficient number of people interested, we will send you a link to the registration form and payment instructions. Thank you for your interest! 

Eliane Zimmerman 


"The Essential oils and lost of smell during covid"

online lecture 

Pascal Frennet

Des Aromes et des Sens

"Clinical aromatherapy and covid anosmia"

live lecture

Markéta Houdková
(Czech republic)

Faculty of Tropical AgryScience (Czech university of Life Science Prague)

"The Essential oils against bacteria causing respiratory infections by covid - 19"

live lecture

Renáta Jahodová
(Czech republic)

"Post-covid care in holistic view"

live lecture

Ludmila Kotalíková
(Czech republic) 

"Aromatherapy and EFT in mental health care in covid times"

live lecture