Renáta Jahodová (Czech Republic)

Topic: Post-covid care in context

Lecture abstract: Post-covid care in context

This lecture is measured on understanding the connection between illness and the balance of health. We will look at the organs that suffer most during viral infection. How to care not only for them but holistically for ourselves on a physical, mental, spiritual and energetic level. We will ask why illness or a certain kind of illness is such a bogeyman for us, and how to understand and grasp the fear of illness. We will ask more questions that will bring us closer to different perspectives, insights, and possible understandings of the complexity of health. Isn't focusing too much on illness also an illness?

Health comes first. How do we really perceive this "phrase"? Do we understand ourselves, our surroundings, where we live, the food we eat, the relationships we maintain as part of our health? I believe you will get the answers to your questions. Techniques, principles, information on herbal care and their use for prevention, in illness, and in healing.

Lecturer Renata Jahodová introduces herself:

I am the owner of a small but beautiful company, Natural Way to Health, which cares for harmonious and full human health. I am also a lecturer, herbalist and author of the book

The Wisdom of Natural Healing and the CD, MP3 Meditation Stories. In recent years some of you may know me as the main organizer of the Festival of Celebration of Herbs in Opava.

I may have been born in Brno, but 28 years of living in Mala Morávka in the Jeseníky Mountains has forever instilled in me a love and respect for nature.

Studying in medical school then sparked my curiosity about the functioning and interconnectedness of our body and mind, and how to keep it in balance using available natural principles. What Western medicine did not answer for me, medicine from other cultures did. In these, herbs, used in various forms, have always been the basis. Therefore, my passion, art and talent can still be developed further in this field - in my practice with clients, herbal counseling and producing original herbal tea blends to all corners of our beautiful homeland, and abroad.

In 2019, I started my Herbal Eshop, where all my range of loose tea blends are available. To date 72 varieties according to my own original recipes. I also create bespoke herbal blends for both individuals and businesses.

I take great pride in the quality of my herbs. I source these from certified companies, organic companies and companies that follow organic farming principles.

I compose my blends with herbs to improve our body's balance, tickle our taste buds and intoxicate us with their intoxicating aroma.

I am an advocate of using herbs in various forms and also of using their powerful potential not only for colds or other aches and pains, but especially in supporting all-day performance, convalescence or regeneration, in travel, sports, teaching, lecturing, meditation. I focus on different professions, students, athletes. In my offer you will also find teas for the Rituals of the Year and gift sets. I perceive herbs in the whole complex of action, including their thermal effect on the human organism.

My herbal teas are holders of the Opava Silesia regional brand.

As of May 2021 I use fully compostable packaging. Degradable within 60 days.

As a lecturer I conduct seminars and lectures focused on the effect of herbs on the body, mind and soul of a person not only according to their healing effects, but mainly according to the characteristics of herbs and their thermal effects on the body. Simply, with respect for nature, man and understandably. So that each of us can take responsibility for our own health and understand how to help ourselves in various imbalances of body, soul and mind.

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