Ludmila Kotalíková (Czech republic)
Topic: Aromatherapy and EFT for psychological well-being 

Abstract of the lecture Aromatherapy and EFT for psychological well-being:

You will learn how aromatherapy and EFT have supported my clients - both mentally when they were struggling with anxieties about a possible illness, and physically when their health condition required it.

Although the delivery of therapeutic care changed during the pandemic and much of the intervention moved online, the basics remained the same and reinforced my belief that combining aromatherapy with EFT is an extremely effective practice. At the same time, collaboration with the media has increased significantly - I also see this as evidence that both methods are gaining well-deserved recognition in such difficult times.

What you will take away from the lecture:

* Recipes for proven fragrance blends

* Practical knowledge of how to perform EFT

* Information based on data from a questionnaire survey

* Everything you learn during the lecture you will be able to put into practice right away.

Lecturer Ludmila Kotalíková introduces herself:

I am Ludmila Kotalíková and I have been working in aromatherapy since 2008.

I am currently teaching women that changes for the better can come with ease and joy. All you have to do is silence the eternal critic inside you, take your life into your own hands and take care of yourself with love.

I don't like to boil water; I have an analytical brain and love to dive into the results of scientific and medical research. I am a member of NAHA, the international association of holistic aromatherapists.

However, my intuition and nose always have the final say in my work. Just give myself the space and time to feel what really does clients good. Since 2018 I have added the EFT method, which never ceases to surprise me with its simplicity and effectiveness.

I regularly publish my findings on my blog, in magazines, radio and television. I am still learning and I also gain new experience abroad - most often at regular NAHA seminars. But aromatherapy often plays a major role in the choice of holiday destinations.

My big dream is to be there when aromatherapy spreads to hospitals and clinics as a welcome addition to conventional medicine. All other dreams come true when I live in harmony with nature with my family.

More about the lecturer and her work can be found on her website