Ingrid Kleindienst - John (Austria)

How to use Essential Oils for problems in psychological matters? 

"It looks very easy, to use essential oils for all purposes in healthy matters. But: if you have troubles in mind, psychological disease or stress, you have to use them very carefully!

So, we will have a look at the following points:

1) Stress (positive or negative stressing situations), caused e.g.
* by job 
* by some health problems (such as hormones...) 
* by environment 

2) Anxiousness

3) Bereavements 

4) Yes, essential oils may help in these purposes. But how do we use
them the right way?

5) We talk about the most helpfully essential oils for psychological problems, and how to blend them to receive helpful essences. Þ

6) And you will get some recipes for using in psychological diseases, for use
* in diffusers
* as sprays
* as roll-ons
* as body lotions
* etc.

Ingrid Kleindienst - John ...
... is living in Lower Austria. She is 71 years old and still working as an aromatherapist. Since the year 2000 she owns the AromaexpertenInstitute and, since 2014, the KräuterKraftKreis, where she is teaching aromatherapy and all about healing plants. Ingrid is member of the board of the Österreichischen Gesellschaft für Aromatherapie und Aromapflege (ÖGwA - Austrian Society of Aromatherapy and Aromacare) since more than 10 years. Furthermore, she is writing books about aromatherapy, hydrosols and healing plants and their usage. In the meantime, there are published 9 books, e.g. "Hydrolate - Sanfte Heilkräfte aus Pflanzenwasser", "SOS Hustenzwerg", "SOS Hexenschuss", "Vom Zauber des Duftes", "Pflanzencode" and "Ich bin Königin meiner Hormone".

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