Ingrid Karner (Graz, Austria)

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Ingrid Karner

  • Diploma as aroma practitioner, 20 years of experience

  • certified herbal practitioner

  • commercial masseuse

  • consultant for aroma care, commercial aroma practice and medical aromatherapy since 2004

  • author of numerous articles on aromatherapy and aromatherapy applications and a book

  • founder and owner of and inventor of aromuli©

  • founder and chairwoman of VAGA - Vereinigung für Aromapflege und gewerbliche Aromapraktiker/innen (Austrian association for aroma care and commercial aroma practitioners)

  • chairwoman of the association theSCENTEDdrop (association for the networking of people and instiutions working with fragrant plants)

  • chairwoman of the Personal Service Providers Section of the Chamber of Commerce in Styria

  • deputy chairwoman of the Professional Group of Leisure and Sports Companies in the Chamber of Commerce Styria (Professional group speaker of the Styrian commercial education providers


A good nose has a great influence on the ability to enjoy food and thus on the quality of life. 20% of our environment is absorbed by the sense of smell and 15% of the population suffers from impairments of the ability to smell.

The subconscious makes up most of our being. Over 90 percent of the things we do and think every day are controlled by the subconscious. This includes, for example, vital physical activities (breathing, heartbeat), but also things like driving a car, tying shoes, brushing teeth, etc.

The subconscious, together with the emotions, directs the majority of our decisions.

Fragrances have an effect on our subconscious because fragrance stimuli reach the limbic system directly without being censored by the cerebral cortex beforehand. Fragrances and memories are stored together in the limbic system. From the first day of our existence, even from the first breath, we take fragrances, associate them with the corresponding moods and store them.

Numerous studies show that the administration of certain fragrances can reduce stress hormones and trigger relaxation. People with dementia (type Alzheimer) and Parkinson's disease benefit from fragrance applications. Sniffin tests are used in diagnostics for the early detection of these diseases. Fragrances therefore have an influence on our ability to concentrate and remember.